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The NUS and the Holocaust

I've become vaguely aware of this happening at the ‪#‎NUSConference‬ in the UK - where a discussion is being had over whether to formally remember the Holocaust with people arguing for and against - The latter attracting significant vitriol. The... Continue Reading →

What is the Point of Barak Ravid?

Those of us who spend any amount of time criticising the stenographers of the Fawning Corporate Media™ are well aware of the low standards of corporate journalism. For the most part, this is not in any way an attack on... Continue Reading →

Teju Cole and the Mangling of Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo is at it again. They are saying the unsayable. And once again, we have to sit back and enjoy the ménagerie of muddled thinking on offer. I was hoping that the recent editorial would go unnoticed by the... Continue Reading →

On The Progressive Case for Israel In the spirit of good natured discourse, I thought I'd go over this article, show what's wrong with it, and what's missing from it. The idea of there being a progressive case for Israel might seem a tad oxymoronic, but... Continue Reading →

Nock on the Nature of the Human

These two passages from Nock's Memoirs of a Superfluous Man mirror my own views on humanity down to the punctuation. 2015 was a year that really took away all but the fumes of my faith in our species. I think... Continue Reading →

On Ethno-Centric Body-Shaming

If a woman wants to wear a long dress, because she doesn't like showing a lot of leg, is that OK? If she wants to go topless on the beach, is that OK? What if the wants to go to... Continue Reading →

On the insanity of bombing a shadow

Right, some thoughts. First of all, Corbyn was absolutely right to allow a free vote. ALL votes should be free. The MP's are not elected to serve their party or the government, they are there to serve their constituents. Secondly,... Continue Reading →

On Death and Irrationality

As a species, we're really bad at certain things. Our brains just aren't kitted out for it. For example, numbers. Specifically big numbers. I'm an astrophysicist by education and a software engineer by profession, and have dealt with absurdly large... Continue Reading →

Suckling at the teat of occupation

Washington, 1993. The Zionist project scored its second most important victory by securing what Edward Said memorably described as “Palestinian surrender, a Palestinian Versailles”, namely the first Oslo Agreement. This “capitulation” created Israel’s bantustan chief, the Palestinian Authority, while simultaneously... Continue Reading →

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