Who wants to play leftist Bullshit Bingo™ with me?

This has to be the most appalling, shameless, turdfest of an article I’ve read in a long time. Physicist cum neo-Marxist social justice warrior, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, is here to tell you why science is evil and the Google memo is a Mein Kampf-esque example of the patriarchy. I kid you not.

There’s just too much in here that I want to scream at, so let’s disassemble it piece by piece.

It’s 2017, and people are still debating whether or not women are intellectually inferior to men and whether we are entitled to a workplace that isn’t toxic to people simply based on their gender and sex.

Nope. No we’re not. Not at all. That’s not what we’re discussing. What we’re discussing is the demonstrably false narrative, treated as axiomatic by the neo-Marxist, radical left, that any time there is inequality it must indicate some form of oppression. It’s time to call bullshit, people.

The Google employee memo about the apparent harms of diversity policies in Silicon Valley is both a shocking news story for the general public and for many women and gender minorities—especially of color—working in science

Boom! There we go. We’ve taken a document talking about the preferential differences between men and women, and immediately jumped to discrimination against women and gender minorities, especially of color. She is wasting no time here, straight to the default answer to any perceived inequality.  As Jordan Peterson remarked of the ideologically possessed, once you understand the algorithmic substructure of their ideology, you can predict the content of their speech. And this article reads like every other neo-Marxist Social Justice Warrior piece. Women. Gender. Color.

Let’s take a look at some at some trademark leftist intellectual dishonesty:

Google bro would argue that we ought to consider the possibility that white women and racial minorities simply produce lower-quality work

If I called her “Science chick” I’m sure I’d be classed as sexist, but we’re in Radical Feminism Land here, where misandry is as acceptable as misogyny is unacceptable. But note her slight of hand here – she is not citing the memo author, she is telling you (in her twisted opinion) what he would argue. This is so dishonest, and shame on Slate for publishing it.

Let’s state the obvious facts for the record. The kinds of jobs you are attracted to are determined in large part by your temperament. I’m attracted to technical disciplines because of my temperament. I’ve always been in science or engineering. Your temperament is determined in large part by the physiology of your brain. And guess what kids, there are differences in the brains of men and women. And do you know what else? There are differences in the temperaments of men and women.

I’ve worked with women who are rock star scientists and engineers. But it’s mostly men in my field. This has nothing to do with aptitude and everything to do with preference.

This radical leftist doctrine has laid waste to humanities departments in the West. This infestation is the reason that 80% of humanities papers churned out by these neo-Marxist echo chambers receive precisely and exactly zero citations. Let that sink in. Zero citations.

And science chick here is arguing that society studies, which is basically a code word for “leftist dogma” should be introduced to science departments so we can at last achieve the utopia of ideological purity.

Make no mistake, this woman and people like her are dangerous, and what she is saying should be resisted.