A very confused article from Emily Shire, who is a Zionist with a penchant for obscurantism.

You could make an argument that being Zionist is simply support for Jewish nationhood. This is a perfectly defensible position, but this isn’t Miss Shire’s position. She sees Zionism as support for the Israeli state.

When nationalism mutates into support for a particular regime, your support has to be seen in the context of the behaviour of that regime. So is Israeli policy feminist?

Let’s take Israel’s persecution of Gaza as an example. Gaza is predominantly made of up women and children.

  • Is it a feminist position to support a policy where women are “put on a diet” (the Israeli term for limiting food into Gaza)?
  • Is it a feminist position to support a policy where sexual humiliation is routinely used against Arab girls and women?
  • Is it a feminist position to support the decimation of families by routine and arbitrary abduction and detention of Palestinian men?

You certainly don’t need to spend your time criticising Israel to be feminist, but it requires a fair amount of skillful mental gymnastics to go out of your way to support Israel while claiming to be one.