The killer says:

I pledge myself to ISIS

The corporate media say:

CNN: “He was religious but she said she doesn’t think his religion played in to the attack.”

Al Jazeera: “The father said he was not aware of any plan by his son, adding, “this had nothing to do with religion”.”

Huffington Post: “Not Motivated By Religion”

I sit quietly seething at the toothless commentary on the Orlando attack. It lays bare, quite starkly the depths of dishonesty the media will go to in order not to criticise Islam.

Let’s make this abundantly clear – the attacker personally pledged his allegiance to ISIS. What more does he have to do in order to convince you of his motives? He’s telling you, in plain English.

I ring 911 and say “I’m really tired of being poor, I really want to be rich, so I’m robbing this bank”. If I then go on to rob the bank, wouldn’t it be ludicrous for the media to write “Not motivated by money” or “this had nothing to do with money”?