498917_398490741These two passages from Nock’s Memoirs of a Superfluous Man mirror my own views on humanity down to the punctuation. 2015 was a year that really took away all but the fumes of my faith in our species. I think it’s time for a new outlook, one which accepts the nature of our species, and seeks to maximise the being of any one capable of overcoming their humanity, in spite of the sleeping masses.

According to my observations, mankind are among the most easily tamable and domesticable of all creatures in the animal world. They are readily reducible to submission, so readily conditionable (to coin a word) as to exhibit an almost incredibly enduring patience under restraint and oppression of the most flagrant character. So far are they from displaying any overweening love of freedom that they show a singular contentment with a condition of servitorship, often showing a curious canine pride in it, and again often simply unaware that they are existing in that condition….

Considering mankind’s indifference to freedom, their easy gullibility and their facile response to conditioning, one might very plausibly argue that collectivism is the political mode best suited to their disposition and their capacities. Under its regime, the citizen, like the soldier, is relieved of the burden of initiative and is divested of all responsibility, save for doing as he is told.