Right, some thoughts. First of all, Corbyn was absolutely right to allow a free vote. ALL votes should be free. The MP’s are not elected to serve their party or the government, they are there to serve their constituents.

Secondly, what in the name of God were they thinking? This isn’t WWII. This isn’t the Western Front. You cannot fight a conventional air campaign against a non-conventional enemy that has no geographical ties. It’s why we failed to defeat the Taliban, it’s why we failed to beat Al Qaeda, and it’s while we will fail to achieve our goals against Daesh.

All we could possibly achieve is to secure the oil fields. But for whom? Who is going to hold them? Assad? He’s not going to weaken his grip on the western provinces by stretching to the East. So who will hold them? Will we be deploying ground forces to hold them?

Bombing Daesh is like bombing smoke, a ghost, a shadow. It’s insanity.

Thirdly, I will bet all the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets that Daesh’s leaders were high-fiving each other after the vote. An enemy that relies on Western slaughter in Muslim countries for recruitment just got an early Christmas present. Well done. Another double Scotch please.

Be under no illusion. This is Sykes-Picot round 2. This is the neo-imperial states vying for influence over a strategically important patch of dirt, and what lies under it. Every single MP should take today off and go read a history book.