When I posted an article earlier today over at Mondoweiss, a Palestinian friend warned me it would upset pro-Palestinians and pro-Zionists alike. She was certainly right. Many in the pro-Palestine camp seemed to want to mangle international humanitarian law to carve out exceptions to cater for the recent double murder. But it was the pro-Zionists who cranked it up a notch by strongly disagreeing with many things I hadn’t written, as is their way. For example, an anonymous coward over at “Elder of Zion” lied:

A Mondoweiss writer named Avram Meitner, who pretends to be struggling with the question of whether his oh-so-moral anti-Israel friends should condemn the murder of parents of six young children

This in spite of the fact I explicitly wrote, and I quote:

Understanding the conditions and frustrations which lead to the attacks is one thing, but the attacks must be condemned nonetheless.

The anonymous champion of inaccuracy went on…

Meitner is a sickening piece of trash. He cannot find it in himself to condemn the murders without a caveat.

I offered no caveats. Merely attempted to point out that denying a people their right to self determination, occupying and colonising their land, slaughtering their civilians and so on, is going to cause hatred and frustration. Understanding the undeniable effects of Israel’s crimes does not detract from any condemnation of crimes committed against Israeli civilians.

I lost track of the inaccuracies, but this straw man was particularly entertaining:

If the IDF wanted to target civilians, Gaza would be a smoldering crater and there would be hundreds of thousands killed in 50 days.

I never made the claim that the IDF wanted to target civilians. It’s goal is usually to target civilian infrastructure, which has the happy side effect of bringing with it a fair few dead Palestinian men, women and children.

And to our anonymous champion I say this – the killing of Eitan and Naama Henkin was terrorism. And yes, we agree that the killing of the Dawabsha was also terrorism. Where we differ, of course, is that I still call it terrorism when a Zionist militant dons a costume and climbs into the cockpit of an F16 so he can attack schools, hospitals and mosques.