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Who wants to play leftist Bullshit Bingo™ with me? This has to be the most appalling, shameless, turdfest of an article I've read in a long time. Physicist cum neo-Marxist social justice warrior, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, is here to tell you... Continue Reading →

Emily Shire’s Zionist Feminism

A very confused article from Emily Shire, who is a Zionist with a penchant for obscurantism. You could make an argument that being Zionist is simply support for Jewish nationhood. This is a perfectly defensible position, but this isn't Miss... Continue Reading →

On Assisted Dying

David Young is one of Hong Kong's thinking elites. He is a philosopher, a sceptic, an atheist, and a vociferous critic of all things pseudo-science (pronounced 'bullshit'). He has also been kind enough to spend his time giving me the... Continue Reading →

On the Lesser of Two Evils

My assessment of Trump and Clinton as candidates has remained pretty constant throughout this grotesque chapter in American electoral history. They are both corrupt, dishonest, self-serving sociopaths who crave power and will tell any lie to make sure they get... Continue Reading →

British Gymnast Suspended for Ridiculing the Ridiculous

British gymnast Louis Smith has just been banned for two months by British Gymnastics after he appeared in a video mocking Islamic prayer. The video was in poor taste to be sure, and he apologised unreservedly for it. But there's... Continue Reading →

Protecting religious ideas from criticism

We're all subject to an amount of body shaming and coerced body covering. Body shaming and coerced body covering are a spectrum, and our individual societies sit somewhere on that spectrum. We rightly reserve a special criticism for religiously motivated... Continue Reading →

On the criminalisation of prostitutes for non-crimes

Human trafficking is a crime. Sex trafficking is a crime. Prostitution is a non-crime. Yet time and again we see the two conflated, as in this piece. Demand for sex, food, water and shelter are the oldest market forces our... Continue Reading →

On the Compulsion to Remove Clothing

I saw recently a tweet from a young Muslim woman comparing Switzerland to Saudi Arabia for dictating the clothing choices of Muslim women. I think that is a mistake. Saudi Arabia has a lot more in common with the USA... Continue Reading →

On the denial of religious motivation in Orlando

The killer says: I pledge myself to ISIS The corporate media say: CNN: "He was religious but she said she doesn't think his religion played in to the attack." Al Jazeera: "The father said he was not aware of any plan... Continue Reading →

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